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Love's Way

Love's Way



Jun 7, 2010 – (21698 views)

Illustrated poem in form of a Triptych

Love's Way part 1 of 3 1999

Heaven sent, Hell bent.
Feelings spinning out of control
In love's untempered depths
For fools who expect it all.

Sad, half mad love,
Lost at such a cost
Love come into my arms,
Close as can be.

I'll sing you a gentle song.
Dream you the sweetest dream.
Rock you forever,
Into Eternity.

Blue sphere in distant heavens,
Isis is this where you are.
Orion blazing within reach,
As love rains down the Milky Way.

A love above love holds court,
Bright as the Galaxy's core.
Shattering, scattering, reflecting it's image,
In countless spiralling stars.

Angelic natures swim celestial vapours,
Beyond Saturn's stairway rings.
Fashioning Venus in Neptune's waves,
This love only the Sun translates.

Like thorns and briar, Mars afire
Plays upon the poet's brow.
Scrawling forth his flawed vision.
Where love stands alone on denigrated ground.

I'm sick of fears stranglehold,
The unspoken thoughts between us.
Nothing's right, it all feels wrong.
Oh you! Why are you gazing so.

Each have their unique story,
Seeking love with love to give.
Care for a stranger, a gentle touch,
I believe in you, always have.

Akin to the Universe.
I think of you, I see your face,
Yet second best is all there seems,
When The World puts on it's flesh.

Bliss! Where have you fled,
Since that first promise at the breast,
Of those helpless innocent days,
In her arms, safe from harm.

Age! What have you seen.
Where on Earth have you been
Since the joyful skipping child,
Wandered ways profound unknowing.

Through sheltering woodland, upon the heath.
Seasons turning to her nature,
Through greens, golds and sweetest fruits.
Hand in hand bracing cold winds.

Moonlight was our companion,
Under canopies of indigo.
The distant stars so familiar,
The way we fell for one another


I too wish I could get a larger image so the poetry is readable - perhaps I should post the poems on literiture forum?
Feb 8, 2011 – mjgartistpoet
There is so much detail in this... I wish I could get it bigger...I clicked on the bigger version but would like an even bigger image. Sheesh, us women are never satisfied...
Feb 7, 2011 – Tracie Skarbo

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