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Crazy Bird

Crazy Bird



Sep 8, 2007 – (1196 views)

Sometimes I paint kind of childish motifs LOL maybe because I stopped drawing at a very young age so that i kind of do it now. Anyway, I do love this painting which I have labelled Crazy Bird. It makes me smile wach time I see it.


Oil painting is one of my favorable hobbies . Whatever it happens, I won’t give up oil painting . Because it is the biggest source of happiness in my life.
Jul 5, 2012 – Young Vic
[url=]Awesome[/url] !
Jul 5, 2012 – Young Vic oil painting
Jul 5, 2012 – Young Vic
AWESOME !It reminds me of my childhood.
Jul 5, 2012 – Young Vic
Ode to a dodo.
Sep 12, 2007 – DrayeArt
I think that's a great idea. Hopefully soon we'll have something you can use for that here.
Sep 8, 2007 – bloodjelly
At one time I want to make a pickture book - hopefully one of those that speak to many ages
Sep 8, 2007 – mtv65
I love this one, it's straight out of a children's story.
Sep 8, 2007 – bloodjelly

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