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Dragon for Espen

Dragon for Espen


Aug 15, 2006 – (1054 views)

oil on canvas 30x40cm. My son, Espen wanted this tatoo pattern made for him for his new flat. This is one he wants to have as a tatoo. Mum is not too happy about the tatoo plans but was happy to fiddle with the details in oil.


Excellent rendering of details in oil... well done!
Jun 16, 2009 – SharsArt
Hehe yep yep great tatoo -- the anatomy is wonderful. Great copy
Jan 21, 2008 – ryguydavis
Exactly - that was what he wanted
Oct 27, 2007 – mtv65
typical looking tat flash
Oct 27, 2007 – kyt10
This rawks hard.
Sep 20, 2007 – DrDevience
It is copied from my son's tatoo
Sep 7, 2007 – mtv65
wow...oil? looks like its drawn...first thing i thought was
Aug 22, 2007 – lttlflwr67
amazing detail.
Jun 23, 2007 – andy tetlow
I really like the sinewy flow of him.
Sep 26, 2006 – aazari
Oooohhh beautiful! I love dragons! I have a tattoo of one myself

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