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First Stained glass1

First Stained glass1



Sep 5, 2006 – (1121 views)

Unfortunetely I'm not yet able to get a perfect photo of it. If you look at the previous photo some of what is not good in this one is better there and vice versa.

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this is my favorite so far...i love stained glass...hoping i see a fairy on a moon while i browse your stuff
Aug 22, 2007 – lttlflwr67
NO KIT, made by myself from scratch every stage included the pattern. We even streached and prepared the lead ourselves before starting to cut it. We learnt to do all the basics
Sep 5, 2006 – mtv65
I think this is great. Is it a kit or did you make the frame yourself?
Sep 5, 2006 – bloodjelly

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