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Misty Blue Landscape

Misty Blue Landscape


Feb 13, 2007 – (2222 views)

Landscape in oils,18x24cm by Trine Meyer Vogsland. I sell worldwide - please contact me about postage.

This is another of my relaxing or near meditative blue landscapes. I usually work "alla prima" with these small oil landscapes of mine, meaning they are usually done in one setting or finished the same day. While working on works like this I tend to lose track of time and nearly go into a meditative transe myself. I do hope some of that "forget all worries" mood has been included into the painting.


Gee, Trine, I can't believe I missed this! That beautiful sky behind the very well done mountains is just Gorgeous!
Dec 14, 2007 – Gary Dee
This is very beautiful. I really like it and I love the colors in it. It makes me think of my home. :D
Apr 20, 2007 – reesa-jo

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