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The Difficult Femininity

The Difficult Femininity


Sep 8, 2007 – (1344 views)

This one I made as a contrast to "young girl from the old days" which was such a "nice" demure of being a girl. This one is meant to express some ot the brutality and rawness experienced and felt by women arount the world. I hope you react to it.


Very emotional, and dramatic. The bold lines call to core of feminine actions. Beautiful.
Jul 5, 2015 – tinymama285
This resembles an ink wash. Very well done.
Jan 31, 2008 – Linda Hinchey
I could definately feel the brutality and rawness just by looking at it. Great Work
Sep 11, 2007 – stillings
I do hope to make more works during autumn in this line of expressive semiabstract style
Sep 8, 2007 – mtv65
very expressive
Sep 8, 2007 – revery
i like this kind of abstract too
Sep 8, 2007 – andy tetlow
I like abstracts that mean something you can actually see in the work. Nice job, Trine!
Sep 8, 2007 – Gary Dee

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