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Bendings, a story that can help you, true  fact

Bendings, a story that can help you, true fact



Dec 5, 2018 – (40 views)

Bendings are nearly ubiquitous although about them we know nothing. If someone mentions their existence, can be exposed to mockery and an aspiring psychiatrist you can attach a serious diagnosis. We citizens of the World of fantasy bravely and responsibly claim that there are many types of bendings, various power, and size as well as areas in which they operate. There are those who can distort the space, materially, bend flow of time, operating in nature, to us known and unknown dimensions. Often it happens that we meet a hunched man who has been trying various exercises to correct the spine but could not succeeds. In that person lives bending, possessing the man as a demon or as a parasite. A good example is a person who persistently working one and the same mistakes, for example constantly spends too much money while poor earns but does not see the bankrupt that follows. Mention also people who consider to be really stand out quality over all in their field of work but no one their work is not recognized nor respected. There are also two bendings, that are distorted their right judgment. There are also many bendings which entering in the human brain, consciousness, and psyche, and play with a variety of mental and psychological processes. The consequences are very bad but the person believes that everyone is crazy but not himself, goes crazy for a specific person and change past behavior and values of the badly and of his condition was not aware of. Examples of action bendings are almost endless. In these disorders do not help traditional doctors and medicine pills, friendly tips or psychoanalysis, until a accepts the existence of bendings, man will suffer and the state will he be getting worse. A3 format