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Božja milost God's grace

Božja milost God's grace



Mar 8, 2018 – (114 views)

Warning: This post is intended for fans of Puppet Zvonko! Intellectual dwarves should not read the text below.
Narcissistic people, as well as those who do not know how to love with all their heart, can be astonished, do not believe how many the Puppetapostles worship Puppet Zvonko. Every human being (and even the greatest believer) can only with envy, with regard to watch an Puppetapostle, which for a Puppet Zvonko feels the greatest love, respect, obedience, and is prepared for the Puppet to do just about everything, without thinking to sacrifice his own life. Of course the fact is that the Puppet does not love anyone - except for himself - but it does not matter to the Puppetapostles, aware that His Majesty has no need to pay attention to miserable microbes. Very rarely, Puppet Zvonko called one of the Puppetaposle and showed him for a few seconds some part of his body in the room called the Sanctuary. Lucky man at these moments, talking to adepts and mystics, achieves a change of consciousness, enlightenment, and becomes another, new person. As always, when something nice happens, there are malicious envious persons who say that Puppet make this act just because other Puppetapostle are suffering a great pain, because they are not in the place of the chosen lucky man.
A3 format, watercolors, black ink

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