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Death has a mesh,  fantasy story and outsider drawing

Death has a mesh, fantasy story and outsider drawing



Jan 4, 2019 – (75 views)

A3 format, for sale
Afterlife comes out from the material body, in one way or another (see the procedure at the bottom link)
tireless Mrs. Death, being of great experience, the same moment will throw her network to hunt souls through the body of a deceased person. Then the soul urgently directs to the Final Judgment Wheel.
The web of this network, the composition of the material, the great secret that Mrs. Death keeps jealously, the net captures the soul almost 100% efficiency (souls are known to be the finest structures). There are rare instances, exceptions, emotionally charged souls, immature souls that connect with the material, etc., then the soul can slip through the net like soap from the wet hands.
Because of overloading the daily obligations of Mrs. Death, there is no time to hunt escaped souls.
Those souls are unaware of how much the disrespect for Mrs. Death is bad for them. Escaped souls
stay with a dead body or grave, they can associate with a person they consider close or special, with a building that is associated with strong emotions. Since they did not go through the Wheel of Final Verdict, the souls retain their memory and strong feelings, which is why they can harm their surroundings, but the worst sufferers will experience them for a long period of time.