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Marauding team by Oldboneart

Marauding team by Oldboneart



Oct 15, 2018 – (47 views)

The story of Robin Hood is known to everyone, that hero is robbing the rich, shared the spoils the poor people. As opposed to that fictional character, get to know this team of robbers who are real and live and steal in the World of Fantasy. I will immediately tell you that they are not dangerous killers but theft, burglary, fraud and spoliation them no stranger to activity. Sometimes, in the heat of the robbery, happens that the victim beaten but never with lethal consequences. In contrast to the Robin Hood who was his marauding loot shared with people, this seven everything robbed giving for the benefit of of flowers and plant world.
- Humans and other humanoid beings are undeveloped mind, greedy and self-centered - is their attitude - the greatest wealth is plant life!
As if Mother Nature is heard and preserves, the forces of law of Fantasy World, they can not be traced him. Most likely is that after looting disappear somewhere in the deep, impassable vegetation.