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The area of forgetting in the World of Fantasy, outsider art

The area of forgetting in the World of Fantasy, outsider art



Jan 7, 2019 – (43 views)

It can a long time, for years, bury into oblivion painful events and sin from the past. Feelings of guilt cause of perpetrated - or not committed - can be repressed somewhere in do not think, the surface is then straight, concretes and colors in neutral, simple colors. Then leaves the area of oblivion, as if it did not exist. About him not to speak.
From time to time, we who were there, through the brain, spin some currents, flash that quickly extinguished. If at this point we come to The area of oblivion, we would notice how surface cracking and colors begin to darken and appear cracks. Us for years, persistent streams pass through consciousness and try to divert thoughts where we do not want it. In the area of oblivion dark blood is now spreading, hard crusts are created that will one day sure be broken. No matter when it will appear from scab demons fresh and alive as if for years they were not deeply buried in oblivion. A 3 format,mix. teh. for sale

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