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White arthropods, detail from bigger picture  outsider paint

White arthropods, detail from bigger picture outsider paint



Dec 11, 2018 – (29 views)

It's good to know - if you walk through the World of Fantasy - that it's a blue hole in the land may mean the presence of unpleasant whites arthropods. Those creatures, whose life we know little about, know wildly the attack of anyone who is near the entrance to their underground habitat. For these reasons, I strongly recommend that you always carry pea cans with you. When you notice the angry arthropod get out of the hole, quickly open the can and put it in front of it. Arthropods are worshiping the peas, and they will devote themselves to feeding. If you do not have peas with you, it is wise to pray to God. It's a good chance that a dozen will get out of the hole and swoop on you.

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