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Aug 12, 2019 – (37 views)

I have been fascinated with art since the 1st time I saw graffiti in Connecticut, my hometown. For many years my attempts at writing graffiti were ridiculed and my worked laughed at and dismissed as garbage, but I never gave up. I practiced daily until a style emerged. It wasn’t until about 10-years-ago (10-years after I started writing graffiti)that I really noticed 3D graffiti art, and I was intrigued. At the end of 2013 I decided to give 3 dimensional graffiti a try and here it is. I titled it “ONEYE 3D” because it says ONEYE, which is my writer name, and it is 3 dimensional. I am extremely happy with how it turned out. I hope it’s viewer’s will think that it is creative, artistic, and visually-stimulating.I hope they feel that I am talented and want to hire me as their artist.

All my art is packaged with care. I measure the painting and choose a box or crate that the painting fits tightly in and put it aside. I take the painting and wrap it in a protective skin of plastic, add cardboard padding (a thicker, stiffer layer of protective cardboard) and then wrap it in bubble wrap. I take the wrapped painting and put it into the box I previously chose, filling it as completely as possible. Then I carefully put a package of hanging hardware inside the box, tape the box closed and put a “FRAGILE, HANDLE WITH CARE” sticker on all sides.

You have 3 days from the day the package is delivered to you to contact me via email at or by phone at (602)465-1695 to arrange returning the item.

**Hanging Hardware Package includes: 10 Picture Hooks, 2 Sawtooth Hangers, 17 Nails, 1 Picture Wire and 20 Screw Eyes.