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Hi, my name is Polina. I'm 21 years old artist. I live and work in Ukraine. I was born in Ukraine and grew up in the small ukrainian city Uzhgorod. I live in very creative city. Artists and other bohemian types make my city fun and attractive.
I started to draw and paint in young age and most of my drawings were inspired by fashion magazines. They were primarily made by using acrylic paint and colored pencil. 
I wasn't graduating any Academy of art or attend any drawing lessons. I just started to reflect everything I see around me. 
I grew up in a creative family and I inherit my parents talent. The ability to draw come naturally for me and I just started to enhanced my natural ability by further training and develophing higher skill.
I always desired to share my creativity with other people and I wanted to get my artworks noticed and shown in the Gallery of Art. I was productive in creating new art works which helped me to reach my skill potencial now.
I can't imagine my life without art now and I am so happy to share it with you!