Mar 13, 2013


pen & ink
11" x 17"


Pen & ink abstract art. Reproduced in lithograph print. Printed on 80lb. Velvet cover Stock. prints available for purchase at $6 + $5 shipping.




About the artist

(b. 1972, Poulan, GA)

A self-taught artist who specializes in illusionistic art with hints of realism. From an early age, Patrick has always enjoyed drawing, but it was a diagnosis with strep throat that helped ignite his desires to the passion of art that lives within him today. Due to his illness at the time, Patrick remained home from his elementary school when he noticed a Christmas drawing competition advertised in his father’s company newsletter. Patrick proceeded to draw the family Christmas tree along with decorations and gifts and submitted that piece in to the competition. Weeks passed as Patrick anxiously awaited news to see how he fared until one day a package arrived notifying Patrick that he had gained a fourth place finish for his piece. The spark was lit! From that point on, Patrick began a journey in art that flourished while captivating family and friends. It wasn’t until his early high school days that his style of art today started to take form, and that was because of his introduction to the art of M.C. Escher. The art that Escher produced illuminated and mesmerized Patrick with the endless imagery of unforeseen possibilities while capturing a viewer’s attention with wonder. The fire was growing within. Patrick soon began creating his style of art that danced around Escher’s world. Emphasis on extreme detail and precision began showing through in all of Patrick’s pieces. Molding his style into large, yet finely detailed and cohesively flowing pieces helps set his work apart from others. In each and every one of Patrick’s pieces, a plan of attack is set in place prior to the start. Much preparation and thought are put forth which eventually allows the piece itself to guide the direction of the art. As the curbing of maturity and responsibility began to dissipate, life for Patrick began taking on new twists and hurdles that were welcomed with open arms. Things that only seemed possible in thought have taken shape in life while struggles that lived freely have been arrested and learned from. Patrick’s art today revisits all areas of his life while remaining true to not only himself and his art, but also those that surrounds him in this journey. Wonder is a beautiful thing that can be real in all of us, if only it is allowed.

Patrick uses traditional pointillism with his pens and inks that he carefully combines with prisma pencils and markers while utilizing blending stumps to get the rich, yet vibrant colors that shows through in many of his works.
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