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*Prima Donna Creative -one.

Hi Donna Adegbayi Here! AKA*Prima Donna Creativ-one...coming to you live and in living color through surrealistic images, shapes and visual expressions eclectically. I am a visual creative artist who is unafraid to delve into the never imagined before creative mind, by DE cluttering the mental blockages and allowing my CREATIVE-ONE self to explode uninhibited.Creative-ly delivering diverse visual fantasies, be it culturally inspired, socially induced or spiritually beckoned.  You might say I give voice to vision and vision to voice. As one can experience through my other vehicle of creativity my audio vocal expressions, AKA Spoken Word. Pushing love and social awareness… (abc123) Peace IN DA MIX Yawl, One-Love! Later! Oh By the Way of Dallas Texas by Way of OMAHA NEbraska By WAy Of AtLaNTA Geopeach! Ya! We know how to treat YA!


 My Inspiration


My "Snoitaripsni" What is that you might ask?  Inspiration spelled backwards.

Problems needing a solution, Random Acts of Kindness, Self-Examination, Love of God and Neighbor! Love Love and More Love, The Pure in Heart Child, Beauty of the Inner Realm...It’s how I move through the  WAR on creativity... AKA RAW spelled backwards because I Believe I can fly I Believe I’ll Stop Here.