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Craftygal_71Bright Floral hand crafted necklace
thegemsculptorCone Earrings
thegemsculptorZiggurat Earrings
thegemsculptorModern Mechanics of Coupling
leimomiCosmic Lights by Scharonne Herrington
leimomiThe Transition by Scharonne Herrington
leimomiTree Light Breeze By Herrington
leimomiDay & Night By Scharonne Herrington
leimomiUnderwater Night Light by Scharonne Herrington
AliceDanWindow I
thegemsculptorGold and Rhodolite Garnet Ring with Black jade Inlay
thegemsculptorRutilated Quartz Cone pendant
thegemsculptorModern Tourmaline and Gold Ring side view
thegemsculptorModern Tourmaline and Gold Ring
thegemsculptorMadeira Citrine Pendant

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