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nikshotgun bullet slice adjustable rings
nikBullet slice hypoallergenic earrings
ZestriaLace doily metallic chain exquisite romantic necklace
ZestriaHandmade Necklace Wearable Art Fantasy Witchy
dailybutikFiligree Jewelry - Filigree Rings UK
TurquoisegiftshopBeaded Beach Blues Cascading Necklace
TurquoisegiftshopTurquoise Sequin Pierced Earrings
CathygasperRose Quartz and pink tourmaline necklace and pink tourmaline
CathygasperPendant and earring sets
CathygasperRutilated Quartz pendant
nikAmmo wheelz 12 and 20 gauge Swarovski crystals necklace
nik45 caliber aluminum ammo wheelz jewelry pink
nikAmmo wheelz cool ammo jewelry
nikGlow in the dark bullet slice ammo wheel necklace
nikAmmo eyes bullseye bullet slice pendants
nik20 gauge shotgun bullet slice dreamcatcher necklace
nikMachine gun bullet slice earring studs 50 caliber
nikAmmo Eyes hot pink glow in the dark bullet slice earring stu
nikAmmo eyes stainless studs with gift box

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