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FI-ArtSculpture made on wood / Naive folk art
NatashaB85Glazed Driftwood sculpture
cath4art#7 Copper Blowtorched Tube
cath4art#6 Copper Blowtorched Tube
cath4art#5 Copper Tubing Blowtorched
cath4artBlue Silk/Embossed Copper Tube
cath4art#2 Blowtorched Copper Tube
cath4artCopper Tube Embossed with Hand Carved Design
unikatehbellagoddess tiger outsider art collectible
unikatehbellaelephant goddess outsider art collectible
Turquoisegiftshopboy with ball stone sculpture Approx 9” turquoise colored
DeirdrevasileHappy red flowers
surealworldThe Heart
time2cleanoutfeeding time
time2cleanoutmoon lit
dagdabranFae lighthouse
JimKnucklesCypress Carved Snook
Kidror307Old hard mesquite
shannon eisTellulah the Magestic ..... Junkeez Series

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