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CUSTOMCRITTERBlack Bear Ceramic dish handmade from a lump of clay
SalVillanoBird Nest No.8 - Wire Sculpture
Vase HeadVase Head "Batman"
SalVillanoSmall Apple No.2 - Beaded Wire Tree Sculpture, by Sal Villan
CUSTOMCRITTERPurple elephant vase made in USA from a lump of clay
CUSTOMCRITTERBirch Tree Blue bird plate serving
SalVillanoBonsai with Leaves - Mini Wire Tree Sculpture, by Sal Villan
Emily RitterMasquerade Feathers
SalVillanoRusted Willow, wire tree sculpture
SalVillanoBird Nest No.5 - Wire Sculpture
RochmanInspirational Sculpture- "Daydreamer"
SalVillanoBeaded Oak, wire tree sculpture - by Sal Villano
SalVillanoBird Nest #7 - Wire Sculpture, by Sal Villano
CUSTOMCRITTERMare and Foal A mother and child reunion Vase
joseph_tricomoangel holding world
SalVillanoGlass Oak, Mini Wire Tree Sculpture
Cheyenne22Bay Arab Mare
SalVillanoWind Swept on Ice, Mini Wire Tree Sculpture
SalVillanoBeaded on Beach- Mini Wire Tree Sculpture
Emily RitterChanging Face

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