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Alynn746Skull and mushroom tapestry
C Kathleen SummersHand embroidered Fish, a Hanna Karlzon illustration
C Kathleen SummersRed XXL Tee with black rose
C Kathleen SummersSize xl t-shirt with hand embroidered butterfly
C Kathleen SummersBlack cotton tote with unicorn
C Kathleen SummersCotton altar cloth with pentical in oceanic blues
C Kathleen SummersFairy and bird cotton tote bag
C Kathleen SummersStylized blue butterfly tote with matching zippered pouch
C Kathleen Summers28" square, rose motif, altar cloth/table topper
C Kathleen SummersPhoenix rising altar cloth
C Kathleen SummersPoly/Cotton tote with rose motif
C Kathleen SummersSmall green cotton tote with floral heart
C Kathleen SummersPurple pentacle altar cloth/ table runner
C Kathleen Summers28" square floral moon phases altar cloth
C Kathleen Summers15" square tote with basket of 💐
C Kathleen Summershand embroidered tote depicting crystals and leaves
C Kathleen SummersHand embroidered project bag, cotton
C Kathleen SummersCotton witchy woman tote in lavender
C Kathleen SummersXl white blouse. Button front.
C Kathleen SummersCotton tote with blue skull

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