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Kayleen KerrCeramic Large Seed Pods
TurquoisegiftshopTurquoise Sea Goddess ceramic Sculpture 12"
NeZz artMask day of the dead
NeZz artMask
millionsoflightsBlue Lotus
Sami HaddadUtu
Sami HaddadSweet water
Sami HaddadInanna
Sami HaddadEnlil
Sami HaddadAdad
Sami HaddadNinhursaga
Sami HaddadWild Bull
arlene delahenty artAmerican Barred Owl and Bubs
Jean HandleyHorse Vase
CeramicallyUniqueObama Photo Replication
CeramicallyUniquePhotographic Replication
CUSTOMCRITTERMake your Heart Smile Large Pig Hand Made in USA
CUSTOMCRITTERGrey Sheep (not quite black:) Sculpted in USA from a lump o
CUSTOMCRITTERBig Beautiful Pig Handmade in USA from a lump of clay My bes

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