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Helena Wierzbicki"Kept Within" Seated Male Figure Painting
Helena Wierzbicki"Male Figure"
IsaacTiger Eye
Helena Wierzbicki"Held To Dreams" Abstract Portrait Art
Helena Wierzbicki"Soulful"
Helena Wierzbicki"Speachless Yearning"
Helena Wierzbicki"Sensuous Hold"
Helena Wierzbicki"Gracefully Divine" - Woman Art Portrait Painting
Helena Wierzbicki"Earthly Living" - Nude Female Painting
Helena Wierzbicki"Oneness" - Love Romantic Painting
Helena Wierzbicki"Two Energies" - Portrait Art Painting
Helena Wierzbicki"Filled Ecstasy" Love Romantic Painting
Helena Wierzbicki"Nude Pause" Seated Female Figure Painting
Helena Wierzbicki"Nude Unfold" Female Figure Painting
Helena Wierzbicki"Evocation" Seated Female Nude Painting
Helena Wierzbicki"Timeless Reality" Abstract Female Art Portrait
Helena Wierzbicki"Within Her Heart" Nude Female Figure Painting
Helena Wierzbicki"Luminosity" Seated Female Figure Painting
Helena Wierzbicki"Break Of Day" Seated Male Figure Painting

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