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William BirdwellPlastic in the Sea
Debbie AdamsMesmerized
kah wah tanForest of trees
dorothy marczinkoYou Are Here
dorothy marczinkoPortal - abstract painting
dorothy marczinkoJune Jump-up
dorothy marczinkoMemory Banks - abstract painting
Andrea Vasgaard ArtOceans
artistpuneMorning glory - Abstract painting
kah wah tanThe furious sea
kah wah tanAll alone - Abstract Chinese-style painting
kah wah tanI see blue beyond the trees
Stanley GavidiaThe 12 Dreams of the Sun
Andrea Vasgaard ArtPrimal Sound
dorothy marczinkoFifty five down
dorothy marczinkoThere's a dragon in my garden
ArizonaPaint3rSearching for ET VI
Innovative95Infinite movements 2
latoyasmilePocomania - African dance
kah wah tanThe face

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