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donforclartAbstract Art #4
EverettsArtBaule Mask - Silver
EverettsArtAfro Collage - V
EverettsArtRoad to the Marketplace
EverettsArtArc de Triomphe
EverettsArtWest African Dan Mask and Compassionate Woman Icon
EverettsArtAquascape #2
cath4artConsensus View
cath4artAncient Messages of the South
cath4artWalking Into The Light
cath4artThe Joy of Laughter
cath4artReleasing Cords of Worry
cath4artFrom Anger To Light
PhotoartModern abstract art flowers in my hand
LyndaRStevensRising Heat
donforclartCoral Waving
donforclartAir Flowing
donforclartHappy Dancing
kah wah tanForest fire III
kah wah tanLooking into me

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