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James McCarthyChristmas landscape
EriksonArcillaArtDay Break
RitaLinneySilver light Spanish Point
federico-corteseA journey to Italy, Alassio
Natalia ShchipWillow near the Muga river
Sergey_BTrees on a hillock
Sergey_BTree by the river
Sergey_BCountry road
Natalia ShchipOld Road To The Village
brianbugembeOur landing sites
jennyleeIntense Hawaiian Sunset 11
briancurnelMountains in the mist
Natalia ShchipMountains In The Fog. Italy. Tuscany
MindGemShallow Pond
43ronnyLast Light
MindGemAutumn stream
James McCarthySurreal painting
Natalia ShchipRocks by The Sea. Italy
jennyleeMoonlit Hawaiian Night
Sergey_BBoats on the evening river

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