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A new way to sell your art - artStock

Apply to sell your art as artStock

Sell digital downloads and prints of your art

Whether you're a traditional artist, a photographer, a digital craftsman or something in between, you very well may be able to sell your work on Foundmyself.

Steps to becoming a contributor | Types of images we are/aren't looking for | Our royalty rates | Image prices

Steps to becoming a contributor

  1. Upload 3 of your best images
    • Read below to see what we are (and aren't) looking for
    • Use our upload tool to submit 3 of your best, high resolution images
    • Your application images will be reviewed
  2. Sign the Contributor Agreement
    • We'll email you if we think your art will work for artStock
    • Then, view and sign the Contributor Agreement
  3. Submit your tax information
    • Finally, we'll email you a tax form to fill out so you can be paid for the images that we sell
    • All information is held securely – off of public servers

After those steps are complete, you simply upload art as you would normally, and click the new “Sell as artStock” checkbox you see after clicking the “Edit Details” button when categorizing art.

Your application images are just used for review. If you want to sell them, you can upload them the way you would normally, as explained above.

Types of images we are looking for

First and foremost, all submitted images must be entirely your creation.

We can't accept images that are based off of, or use, copyrighted material that you don't own.


We're open to a wide range of styles and concepts, but your image should have something unique and engaging about it. A snapshot of a cloud most likely wouldn't make the cut, for example.

We accept photographs like other stock sites, but they should have an artistic bent. Paintings, illustrations, digital experiments and anything else you think we'd like are fair game, too.

On a technical note

  • Images should be high resolution photos or scans, saved as JPG at the highest-quality setting
  • Images must not be upsampled (i.e. making a smaller image larger in an image editor)
  • Your images should include just the artwork alone, without things like frames, accidental reflections, carpets, etc. in the picture
  • Here's a helpful article on taking good photos of your art

Types of images we are not looking for

Unfortunately we can't use any images with recognizable faces at this point, and we can't accept anything containing copyrighted material (e.g. logos, products, restricted monuments, etc.)

We review every image that's submitted, and accept or reject them based on a number of criteria. Some reasons your files might be rejected include:

  • Lack of focus
  • Artifacting/compression issues
  • Intellectual property infringement or risk
  • Upsizing/upsampling
  • Poor focus
  • Poor composition
  • Image noise/grain
  • Small image dimensions
  • Too profane or adult for FM

Our royalty rates

Right from the start, the bulk of every purchase goes to you.

With sub-20% royalty rates becoming the norm, we offer a fresh alternative: Up to 75% royalties. There is no charge for being a contributor other than the portion we take from sales. Enough chit-chat – here are the numbers:

Total sales Royalty rate
< $5,000 51%
$5,000 - $15,000 55%
$15,000 - $45,000 60%
$45,000 - $250,000 65%
$250,000+ 75%

Files are sold for a flat dollar amount. We don't use credits to obfuscate the true cost of our images. If an image sells for $30 and you have a 51% royalty rate, you will get $15.30 for that purchase. Simple as that.

For print sales, You get the equivalent income of the download size required for the ordered print. In other words, if someone orders a 14 x 14 inch print, and that requires a large size version of your artStock image, then you'll earn the amount as if they downloaded the digital file itself.

If, during the year, you hit the sales target for a specific royalty rate, you will start receiving the new rate immediately on future sales.

Image prices

Currently, images are priced as follows:
Image size Price

( ≈ 3.42 megapixels)


( ≈ 8.34 megapixels)


( ≈ 13.97 megapixels)


( ≈ 23.79 megapixels)


( ≈ 31 megapixels)


(More than 38 megapixels)


Join us!

We expect a lot from contributors as far as quality is concerned, and we're excited at the prospect of working with you!

Apply to be a contributor today >

Questions? Contact us here.