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Sell art commission free

Sell art commission free

Keep 100% of your sales. Really!

Sell my art free

How does selling art online with Foundmyself work?

Unlike other online galleries that charge commissions or listing fees, Foundmyself truly is free. We don't get involved in sales and there is no middle man to take a cut.

We run on the Honor System, which means that you can sell your art directly to customers without involving us, and keep 100% of any sale you make. You set your prices, you keep the profits.

If you have a PayPal account, the money goes directly from the buyer to you. Otherwise, you and the buyer can decide on alternative payment and shipping options.

What kind of art can I sell?

You can sell originals, prints, digital pieces, sculptures, jewelry – pretty much anything so long as it's art.

How about print-on-demand?

We can handle printing and shipping, though that's not covered by the Honor System. More on that below.

What if I just want to share my work?

No problem – post your work and leave off the price to just share it.

Art selling tools and features you can only find here

Let's go!

Print on demand

What's your print-on-demand service?

All artists are eligible to sell digital and print versions of their work on Foundmyself.

We handle the orders, shipping, and payment. All you need to bring is the most important part – your art.

When you sign up for your free account and start uploading you'll see the option to sign up for this print-on-demand service.

How much will I get paid?

You'll earn 20% of each sale. There are no listing fees or any hidden costs to worry about.

Have more questions? Learn more or contact us.