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Sell art commission free

Sell art commission free

Keep 100% of your sales and give back when you want

Foundmyself takes a radically different approach to selling art online.

Sell your art commission free, keep your earnings and give back what you feel is fair. We run on the honor system.

Meanwhile, we provide you with all the tools you'll need to get up and running quickly and effectively so you can get back to focusing on your art.

There are no hidden fees, and you can get started selling your art today.

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Make your art stand out with your own website

Reach art portfolio websites

Get your very own customizable, professional portfolio website without doing any extra work.

Our “Reach” websites use the art from your gallery here on Foundmyself to create a complete standalone site that's entirely yours. They're:

artStock – Sell art prints

A new way to sell art

With our artStock program, you can sell canvas prints and license downloads of your art for a fee.

Since we handle the transactions, artStock isn't part of the Honor System, but we pay royalties starting at 51%, so right off the bat you get the majority of the sales.

Apply and learn more here.

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