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"Freddy the Picker Prince" Sculpture

shannon eis


Mar 1, 2017 – (119 views)

This JUNKEEZ piece was made with different items that I have found and gathered from antique stores, flea markets etc. After making Freddy the frog prince, I decided that he looked like he played guitar so what better way to add character to this guy. His name is "Freddy the Picker Prince" and he is waiting to join a band so he can be cool enough to get kissed by the ladies. Freddy is made from an antique cast iron lamp for an upper and lower body, cast iron face, wooden finial for a head, and wooden vase for center of body. His arms are antique sugar cube metal tongs and his is guitar is made of all wood except for the strings. I try my best to keep all of the pieces that my JUNKEEZ are made out of, in original condition. He is dying to sit on a shelf in your home so he can serenade you to sleep..
Shipping and handling is included in the total price in the lower 48 states.