Handmade original acrylic on canvas painting
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Handmade original acrylic on canvas painting


Mar 22, 2023


11 x 16 x 2


The Tree Woman: A Handmade Acrylic Painting on Canvas

This breathtaking handmade painting features a woman depicted in vivid acrylic colors on a high-quality canvas. Standing tall among the trees, the woman's form appears to merge with the surrounding nature, with branches and birds emerging from her body. Measuring 30 cm in width and 41.5 cm in height, this painting is sure to make a statement on any wall space. The intricate details of the trees, birds, and the woman's form are captured with precision and skill, adding a sense of realism to the artwork. The use of acrylic paints creates a bold and striking effect, adding depth and texture to the painting. This unique piece of art is sure to captivate the viewer, drawing them into the intricate details of the natural world and the human form. Whether hung alone or as part of a larger art display, this acrylic painting of a woman and trees is sure to impress any art enthusiast.

Original Handmade Painting. 30cm Width x 41.5 cm Height, it's a perfect art to decorate your wall, can be kept for lifetime as best quality Gesso, Acrylic paints and Varnish has been used in this painting.

- Acrylic on canvas painting. Will be delivered as it is.
- Handmade painting
- Framed (can also be framed as per your choice or requirements, Contact me for custom framing).
- layer of varnish applied for longevity.
- Gift wrapping available on request




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