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Feb 07, 2020


Mixed media
height 12 cm Length 28 cm


Donophria by Stephan Sarkissian is a steampunk inspired shoelast with a vintage look and steampunk
flare. The piece is perfect for both fans of steampunk and shoes. Whether you are new to either passion or a
longtime fan, Donophria is sure to please. The patterned use of gears not only adds variety to the pattern, it
maintains the vintage look while also showing a strong steampunk baseline for its creation. The inclusion
of springs adds to the pattern by creating a stark variation from the gears. The piece is a perfect addition to
any shoelast or steampunk collector, as the piece not only stands out for footwear fans, it's steampunk
inspiration makes it great for fans of the genre. Whether you are a fan of shoes and footwear, a fan of
steampunk , or both, this vintage inspired design is sure to have place of honor in your collection for the
attention it will garner.




About the artist

Hi my name is Stephan Sarkissian im 51-year-old lover of life and nature. I make and sell art on antique wooden shoelasts under the Sixty5 banner. You can also  review my  work on Etsy under sixty5 . When not working on shoe lasts you will find me  at the beach ensuring the safety of swimmers at sea or composing music. But  art is my first love. Yes, you are allowed to judge.

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