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Living Water

Living Water



Dec 8, 2008 – (355 views)

Medium : Acrylic on canvas
Size : 2' x 4'
Year competed : 1992
This painting is part of the collection of artwork I did during my military service, this collection is entitled : The Army Years.
This painting is the second spiritual paint, I did, the first spiritual painting i did ,was the first version of this one, but I did a somewhat mono chromatic blue version. This painting , and the Victory Through Prayer paint, won prizes in a army post art show, at Ft. Lewis WA. The army had three professional artist to judge the show. Living Water took 1st place, and Victory Through Prayer took honorable mention.
This painting illustrates how God gives life to the dead, we with out salvation through Christ, are the living dead. For Life is to know, and commune with God.
understanding the symbols:
The desert = a cursed world with decay and death
The skull = the result of sin, we will all face death.
the cross = the price that Christ pained, that man may be freed from the penalty of sin.
the water fall = eternal life for all who will repent from sin and live their lives in service to God through faith in Christ.
The floral covered hill = the redeemed creation, the future new earth and heavens God will create, that will have the absence of the cruse of sin, no decay or death will be found.

Written by Stephen J. Vattimo