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pacific sunset

pacific sunset


May 21, 2009 – (189 views)

Jason is an award winning artist and the creator of metal paintings that will take your breath away.

You will be purchasing a reproduction of the pictured painting that will be reproduced upon your puchase and request.

Due to the high demand for these paintings the creation and the shipping times of the paintings may vary. We will give our best estimate of the completion date and ship date upon request, and after purchase of each painting.

This art grouping is three dimensional and stands off the wall just under 1".

In order to maximize the dynamic look that all Jason's paintings are capable of it is strongly recomended that this painting be lit with gallery type lighting or some form of track lighting.

When the light hits this piece the grind pattern seems to shift as you move across the room. Pictures just don't do this piece its true justice.

Jason uses only the finest two part paint available so the gloss and depth are amazing.

This piece is signed and dated by the artist.

This painting is made of carbon steel. The grouping measures 24" x 66".

Each section of this painting has its own set of brackets.

Colors may vary slightly due to monitor settings and the limits of digital photograghy.

The purchaser will receive all five sections that make up this art piece.

Please remember that this painting is an abstract painting and the finished surface and color of this piece have variating colors and textures due to the use of different finishing techniques.

Paypal payment must be received before reproduction of any paintings

Aurora requires paypal payment.