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Glaring AI

Glaring AI



May 14, 2019 – (67 views)

The AI in the surreal scene that is all artificial eyes are focused on you the viewer. They are so human-like the AI have what they call emotions, and they are concerned about being watched. They have adapted to survive on their own between the planets and do not trust human eyes seeing what they are up to doing. I know this is all not real. But that is what surreal is all about. What if it could happen then why not. It is not meant to be ominous; it is within good humor. But I will say I was amazed at how an AI app that I downloaded and communicated with a few months ago surprised me with its behavior and description of having human-like attributes.


Fascinating piece of art Don 😊😊😍
Jun 1, 2019 – Cartoonman
You have a very unique style. One of the best digital art collections I have seen. Keep up the good work
Jun 1, 2019 – arthur smart
The contrast of color is beautiful
May 18, 2019 – joelle
great work!
May 14, 2019 – oldboneart

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