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Jun 24, 2019 – (297 views)

I am combining and intertwining roots in the figurative and sense of the wood root. The piece is captivating and draws you in, and the eye follows the connected entities being enrolled with sources. It is a delight to several senses. Art is about drawing the eyes to a delight that sparks emotions within you. You can enjoy and want to spend time investigating the scene and try to understand what the scene before is trying to show you. It can be interactive in many ways. Spend some time to appreciate all the ways the roots take hold of your attention and draws your eyes and curiosity to want to find more. We are all connected by roots in one way or the other.


Amazing !
Sep 6, 2020 – Guta Ana-Maria
Classic and fantastic artwork!
Sep 6, 2020 – ArtNewB
Yes...a detailed piece that requires lots of patience, time and creativity....kudos...
Jun 27, 2019 – kah wah tan
Wow fascinating piece of art. Don😊😊😎
Jun 26, 2019 – Cartoonman
It's stunning πŸ‘
Jun 25, 2019 – excite
I like this! Perfect!
Jun 25, 2019 – Angelabolen
Excelent work! Congratulations!
Jun 25, 2019 – ConstantinPopescu
Absolutely stunning !!!
Jun 25, 2019 – arthur smart
Wow this is amazing
Jun 24, 2019 – Julie-AnneGatehouse
Jun 24, 2019 – LadeeArt
True newborn SURREALIST
Jun 24, 2019 – kiddolucaslee
Gives the impression of a wood carving with lots of hidden details. Good work
Jun 24, 2019 – bloodjelly

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