Follow These Steps to Download Instagram Photos

November 08, 2021

Sometimes you need to download Instagram photos of celebrities like Rory John Gates or other people to your phone or computer. Perhaps you posted a photo on a social network a while ago but then deleted the original photo due to a mistake or, more importantly, deleted the device on which the photo was saved. Chances are you have Instagram photos that were taken with the in-app camera but not saved. You can choose to repost photos from a friend's or someone else's account (with their consent, of course!) Although posting photos to Instagram is an easy task, withdrawing them is not that simple. Don'tDon't worry, though, as this guide explains how to download Instagram photos to PC and Mac devices as well as your smartphone. You can download your entire Instagram story using the source code for each photo (more straightforward than you think we provide), or you can use third-party apps.

If you want to know how to improve your photos before uploading your pictures to Instagram, check out the best photo editing tools. For additional Insta tips, read our Instagram typography guide and our guide on how to change the font in your Instagram biography and how to enable Instagram dark mode. As a reminder, if you download photos from Instagram, please respect image rights. While some of the techniques below allow you to download downloaded images of other users, we recommend you always seek permission and promptly provide credit. For more information on Instagram copyright, see our Instagram posting article.

How to download Insta pics on Mac

There is no natively available method to download Instagram images downloaded from your feed separately. The only change Instagram is making is that it allows users to download the entire post history and story on the platform as one package. It includes all the photos and videos you've posted as stories or posts, plus lots of other information you may not want to have. This is the "official" way to download your photos and videos, created out of privacy concerns after the scandals at the parent corporation Facebook. For this to work, you need to request a download link via the Instagram website or app. You can also request a large download via the app. Visit your profile, then tap the menu icon in the upper right corner and select Settings. Select "Security" and download data, enter your email address and password, and click "Request Downloads.

Source code for Insta pics

Suppose you don't want to search your Instagram archive for a specific image you want to download, or you need ideas from someone else's feed after they have been permitted to use it. In that case, you can download Instagram images individually by going to the source code.

Save pictures on Insta with the following steps.

If you want to locate a photo you have posted on Instagram and you don’t need to use it on another device, save it to the Instagram platform. Instagram allows users to bookmark any post to search for it later, whether it'sit's the post associated with the Instagram account you're following or not. It is possible to organize your saved posts into folders so that they are easier to locate, such as creating folders to store your design ideas, as well as wish lists and a dream vacation spot. Don't worry and no one else can access your bookmarks!

Third-party source for downloading Insta pics

If you want to download photos from Instagram instead of saving them to the app, however, the two options above are too time-consuming or complicated for you. Many third-party applications can help you work around the issue. Be aware that some need access to your account information, and some rely on heavily touted advertising to earn revenue. If possible, we recommend that you use the previous solutions. However, if you care about ease of use and a simple solution, these are some best-known alternatives.

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