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The Lion Fish

The Lion Fish



Dec 29, 2016 – (70 views)

Abstract printed in a limited edition of 100 original images, signed and with a certificate of authenticity Printed on fine art paper with archival inks. The image is used for creation of a digitally initialed open edition but otherwise archived and kept only for historic purposes and publications. To purchase an original click here:

The digitally initialed unsigned open edition, featured here provides the closet approximation to an original work at a more affordable price, especially for those who love art but dont feel the need to purchase original works.

Wayne D. Kings images are a celebration of life, blending the real and the surreal to achieve a sense of place or time that reaches beyond the moment into a dreamlike quintessentialism designed to spark an emotional response. Using digital enhancement, handcrafting, painting, and sometimes even straight photography, King seeks to take the viewer to a place that is beyond simple truth to where truth meets passion, hope and dreams.

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